Temperance's Story

Children are innocent and then they grow up.
They go from believing in fictional creatures to overlooking real monsters. It’s the fine line between the two that make a difference in our lives. 

My name is Temperance Paige and this is my story. 

Temperance lost her parents in a car accident when she was very young.  Then a strange man saved her life in the hospital. She has been lied to and manipulated her whole life, but now that she is an adult she is facing her demons. Literally. 

Morning Star

Arabella runs away from her abusive foster parents to start a new life. From here her story grows into the Fairy Tale she had always dreamed of. Well not everything she dreamed of.

She is sucked into a world full of creatures she never would have thought existed. She makes new friends as well as enemies. She must choose between her old life and her destiny. Either way her life will be endanger. 



Basic poker history, terms, and games you should know before you start playing.​​

From One Fatso To Another

At the time, I started writing this book I have been on a “diet” for roughly 8 months. By the end I will have been on my life transforming journey for 3 years. I have occasionally thought about writing a book about my journey because…...well there are so many different things out there and I had always wondered if everyone else goes through the same motions and emotions as I do. I decided to write this book about my journey. Now this book is not meant to be a guide to anyone else's weight loss. It is just what I encountered. It is also not meant to be whiny or to make anyone feel sorry for me. I don’t want that. It's meant to show someone that Yes someone else out there is feeling like you do or has had the same thoughts as you at one point or another. Hopefully it will inspire you or empower you to take your own journey. At the end, I will include some of the recipes I use.


Hayden left her hometown a geeky college student. Three years later, she returns as a sexy vixen ready to pounce on her life long crush. All she wants is a little fun with no strings attached, but is that all she's going to get?

Books By melissa stern

Coming Soon 2017

  • The Highway Man
  • Gifted Curse (first book of the Gifted Curse trilogy)​

You can also find Melissa Stern's books on Channillo.com and most ereaders. 

Trusting the beast

Real Love

Two words I never understood. Where was its place in the world and how could it be found? And fate that is something I understood even less. Could you change it or did we just blindly follow it?

Harmony witnesses the brutal murder of her entire family and often wonders why she survived. On her 16th birthday she transforms into a "Monster". She hides herself from the world but can no longer hide once she meets Derek, her mate. He is like her and Alpha born. There is jealousy from a few in the pack and soon they realize that both of their lives are in danger.​​ 

The Cover Up

Aly has just lost her mother and is now the sole guardian
of her little sister AJ who just happens to be a computer genius. Not only is she taking care of a hyperactive
genius but she is also trying to help the FBI and all the
other forms of government out there catch her step father David, who has embezzled millions from her family's company. Life wasn't great by she managed.
Kevin loves being a detective. The only thing in the world he
loves more is his little sister who can be a supercharged hellion on a good day.
All it takes is two children, a pizza, and a gruesome crime scene to throw them together. Now bullets are flying
and he must keep them safe while upholding the law.​​